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July 2001 Upload
  1. July 31 ATV or Taiwan RealVideo (fix)

    July 29
      Phil Chang - Body Bouble
      Eason Chan - Mixed Up
      Kelly Chen - In The Party
      Richie Ren - Soft Heart
      Tony Leun Ka Fai - Tempting Me For A Whole Life
      Nicholas Tse - Horizons

    ATV or Taiwan RealVideo
      The Bride with White Hair (ATV) (fix)
      Return of the Condor Heroes - Than Dieu Tai Xuat (fix)

    July 26
      Sammi Cheng - Shocking Pink
      Alec Su - More Than Love
      Jolin Choi - Lucky Number
      4 in Love - Not Afraid
      Candy Lo - Fantasy 
      Sun Yan Zi - Kite
      Power Station - Ninth Time on Chung-Hsiao East Road
      Eason Chan - It's Me
      Wong Kit's TV and Film Song Collection

    add more TVB realvideo
    Armed Reaction 3
      From Act to Act
      I Can't Accept Corruption
      Love is Beautiful
      Swordsman Lai Bo Yee
      The Mark of Triumph
      The Spirit of Love
      Thief of Honour
      The Legendary Four Aces (fix)

    July 20

    TVB realvideo
      Colourful Life (fix)
      Lost in Love (fix)
      Return Of The Cuckoo (fix)
      The Kung Fu Master (fix)

    July 14
      Juis Wong - Love Time (fix)
      Louis Koo - Boyfriend (fix)
      Louis Koo - Popular Louis (fix)

    add more TVB realvideo and ATV or Taiwan RealVideo
      Healing Hands 2 - Ban Tay Nhan Ai 2
      Hope For Sale - Chuyen Tinh Xom Cho
      In The Realm of Success - Buoc Duong Thu Thach
      On the Track Or Off
      Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - Long Dam Ho Nguyet
      Divine Retribution - The Ky Dai Chien
      Once Upon A Time In Theng Long - Ngoa Ho Tang Long
      Healing Hearts - Hiep Cot Nhan Tam

    July 12
      MayDay - A Sea of People
      B2 - B2
      Ekin Cheng - The Best Show 3
      Swing - On Fire

      Gigi Leung - Gigi "Kiss Me" New Songs + Best Collection (fix)
      Gigi Leung - Hua Huo (fix)
      Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Original Soundtrack (fix)
      Jordan Chan - Embracing (fix)

    July 09
      Chris Yu - 33 Chris Yu Best Collection
      Beloved Music Box Vol.4
      Winnie Hsin - Apprehend
      Original Soundtrack for Redboat Trailer
      Jay Chow - Jay Album
      Music Love Letter. CLove Story. CPopular Love Songs 2 (fix)
      Grace Yip - Shine

    Open HK Movie Theme Song section

    July 05
      Andy Hui - Andy Hui Concert 2001
      Maggie Fu - M@ggie
      Cecilia Cheung - Party All The Time (New Song+Remix)
      Leo Ku - Leo Ku Concert - Live
      M P 4 - M P 4
      Gigi Leung - Suddenly, This Summer
      Chelsia Chan - The Classic Songs Of Universal
      Cally Kwong - The Classic Songs of Universal
      Yan Zi Sun - Yanzi 2000 Live Concert

      Healing Heands 2 (fix)
      Dan Truong - Kiep Ve Sau (fix)
      Dan Truong - Mua Thu Duoi Mua (fix)
      Dan Truong - Tim Dau Yeu Xua (fix) 

June 2001 Upload
  1. June 21
      Hacken Lee - Flying Flowers
      Ekin Cheung - Myself
      Faye Wong - Faye * Instrumental
      Flora Chan - Satisfied
      Uku Peng - Rhapsody

    June 20
      A-Mei Chang - Bad Boy
      Alan Tam - Love Trap
      Various - Cinepoly Best Vol.1
      Various - Warner Collection 2001
      William So - Love Like Violent Radicalism and Blind Person
      Bowie Lam - Love Unsaid (EP) (fix)

    June 17
      Leon Lai - The Red Shoes
      Andy Lau - Opening Skies
      Joey Yung - All Summer Holiday
      Ruby Lin - Face2 Ruby (Parapa Edition)
      Alec Su - Understanding

      Healing Hearts Soundtrack (fix)
      Healing Hands Original Soundtrack (fix)

May 2001 Upload
  1. May 29
      Nicola Cheung - Nicola's First EP Ever (fix)
      Jacky Cheung - The First (fix)
      Dayo Wong - Experience (fix)
      Soundtrack - Master Q 2001
      Steven Ma - Give Me 3'07'' (fix)
      Nicholas Tse - Butterfly
      Harlem Yu - Tidal Wave
      Rain Lee - I Love Rainy Days
      Kwok Cheung Lee - Lee Kwok Cheung Best Collection 17
      Jacky Wu - Jacky Wu's Taiwanese Song
      Jacky Wu - You Are Happier Than Before

    May 13
      Andy Hui - Lend Me Your Ears (New Songs+Greatest Hits)
      Edison Chen - Visual Diary
      Leo Ku - Deep Love + Greatest Hits 2001
      Lui Fong - Dear
      Sammi Cheng - Complete
      Stella Cheung - Red Stella Cheung
      Music Love Letter. CLove Story. CPopular Love Songs 2
      Nick Cheung - Talk To You

    May 03
      Teresa Teng - Inoubliable
      Vicki Chao - Vicki's New and Best
      Various Artists - Warner Ge Sheng Mei Ying
      Andy Hui - Faith With Heart
      Leon Lai - LEON NOW

    May 31
      Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre TV Soundtrack
      Cleo Ko - I'm Not Angel (EP)
      Sandy Lam - Let's Start All Over Again
      Sandy Lam - The Night Is Too Dark
      Faye Wong - Music Best
      Sally Yeh - Sally's Feeling
      Canti Lau - Moonlight

April 2001 Upload
  1. April 03 - add 9 more chinese albums:
      Soundtrack - Music Collection of Love and Drizzle
      Leslie Cheung - Forever (New Song + Best Selection)
      Andy Lau - The Melody Andy Vol.8 (New Song + Best Selection)
      Various Artists - Universal And Selected Talents As By Examinations 2
      Anita Mui - Love Song
      Anita Mui - Changing Melody
      Andy Hui - ABCD
      Kit Chen - You Loved Me
      Kit Chen - Anesthetize
  2. April 07 - add more TVB realvideo and ATV or Taiwan RealVideo
      Crimson Cabre - Tan Bich Huyet Kiem 
      Love and Revenge - King The Tinh Thu
      Dare to Strike - Loi Dinh Dac Canh (TCS)
      Naughty Swordswoman - Me Hon Nu Hiep
      Fist of Hero - Trung Hoa Dai Truong Phu
      Bloody Pearl - Tran Chau Huyet Han (TCS)
      Em Toi
    add 5 more MTV song
      Joey Yung - Don't Know Yet
      Aaron Kwok, Faye Wong - Unlimited Galaxy
      Chilam Cheung - Wish You Well
      Kelly Chen - Paisley Galaxy
      Aaron Kwok - A Magic to City
  3. April 15 - add 11 more chinese albums:
      Andy Hui - This Second, How Have You Been?
      Dave Wang - Best of Dave Wang 2001 (New Songs + Greatest Hits) 
      Cass Phang - Give Lisa
      Juis Wong - Love Time
      China Dolls - I Love Astronaut
      Adam Cheng - Crown Platinium Series
      Vivian Hsu - 2001 Love Declarations
      Shunza - Shunza Yesterday. One. More
      Kelly Chen - Kelly Chen BPM Dance Collection
      Kelly Chen - Realize
      Yu Hung Minh - Sanding

    April 09 - add 10 more chinese albums:
      Jordan Chan - Embracing
      Eason Chan - Shall We Dance? Shall We Talk!
      Gigi Leung - Amour
      Gigi Leung - Washing My Face
      Gigi Leung - Today GIGI
      Alan Tam - Thankful Till The End (New+Best)
      Kwei, Chung Ping - Home Sick
      Ronald Cheng - Enemy
      Ronald Cheng - Don't Love Me
      Samuel Tai - Missing

    April 28
      Cecilia Cheung - Cecilia Cheung New & Best Collection
      Alice Hong - The Time Without Moon 
      Jacky Cheung - True Feeling
      Jacky Cheung - A Person

      Faye Wong - More Shirley
      Faye Wong - Coming Home

    April 25 - add 3 Chinese albums:
      Elva Hsiao - Tomorrow
      Eason Chan - Eason 18 Best Choice 
      Soundtrack - Healing Hearts

    April 21 - more Chinese albums add
      Eddie Ng - Eddie's Music Express
      Lam Hon Yeung - Waiting
      Huang Pin Guan - Love's Responsibility
      Huang Pin Guan - Victor > Best
      Sandy Lam - The Music of Rose
      Shino Lam - This Is Shino 3

      Aaron Kwok - Live on Stage in Concert 2001
      Cass Phang - Perfect No.1

March 2001 Upload
  1. March 01 - add 7 more Viet albums:
      Don Ho, Nhu Quynh - Tim Vo
      Huy Vu, Mong Ngoc - Mua Phi Truong
      Manh Quynh - Nhan Co Cho Em 2
      Minh Tuyet - Cho Em Mot Ngay
      Nhu Quynh - Chuyen Tinh Hoa Trang
      Nhu Quynh - Neu Doi Khong Co Anh
      Tu Linh, Nguyen Duc - Hanh Phuc Tren Tay
  2. March 05 - add 13 more chinese albums:
      CoCo Lee - Hints
      Cyndi Chao - Love Cyndi
      Cyndi Chao - Too Late To Meet
      Soundtrack - Dancing in The Sky Original Soundtrack
      Soundtrack - Super Master Original Soundtrack
      Soundtrack - Marooned Original Soundtrack
      Grace Yip - Shine
      Karen Mok - I Say
      Stella Cheung - Stella Cheung 15 Years Best Collection
      Stella Cheung - Ai Yo We Ya
      Stella Cheung - A Raining Night
      Stella Cheung - Purly

      Winnie Hsin - Forget
  3. March 27 - add 9 more chinese albums:
      Various Artists - Emperor Compilation Vol4
      Various Artists - Best of Young and Dangerous
      Various Artists - 2021 Hits of The Century (Man & Woman)
      Soundtrack - The Gen-Y Cops
      Emil Chow - A True Dream
      Tony Leung - In The Mood For Love (EP)(Deluxe Ver.)
      Ruby Lin - Face2 Ruby
      Wong Kit - Because Of Love, Dream Whole Life
      Hacken Lee - Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra Hacken Lee LIVE

    Open MTV section with 21 song upload

    March 09 - add 8 more chinese albums:
      Nicholas Tse - Senses
      Karen Mok - Golden Flower
      Various Artists - Love For A Century
      Music - Yin Le Qing Shu Lian Ai Wu Yu Liu Xing Lian Qu
      Na Ying - The Best of Na-Ying
      Lesley Lee - Really Want To Love & Hate Someone 
      Lesley Lee - Willing to be a Foolish Woman
      Alan Tam - First Tear

February 2001 Upload
  1. February 11 - 2 theme song in viet
       Uoc Mo Va Hien Thuc - When Dreams Come True
       Duong Quy Phi - The Legend of Lady Yang
  2. February 10 - add 10 viet albums:
       Various - Tinh Doi Phong Ba
       Don Ho, Tu Quyen - Nu Hong Mong Manh
       Tu Quyen, Don Ho - Con Mua Trong Doi
       Tu Quyen, Duc Huy - Dem Vu Truong
       Tu Quyen, Hoai Vu - Vang Bong Em
       Tu Quyen, Johnny Dung - Toc Em Duoi Ga
       Tu Quyen - 999 Doa Hong
       Tu Quyen - Giot Mua Thu
       Tu Quyen - Mo Lam Canh Chim
       Tu Quyen - Trai Tim Thon Thuc
  3. February 08 - add TVB realvideo & 1 ATV Realvideo
      Crimson Sabre
      The Legendary Four Aces
      King of Gambler
       Colourful Life
       Broadcast Life
       Reaching Out
  4. February 04 - add 21 more Chinese albums:
      Wong Hei - Wong Hei Sings
       Soundtrack - The Accidental Spy
       Cindy Au - Cindy Au (EP)
       Leon Lai - I Love You Like This
       Anthony Wong - Broad Daylight - Anthony Wong Concert
       SoundTrack - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
       Faye Wong - Fable
       Dave Wang - Our Dave Wang 17
       Dicky Cheung - Outstanding
       Bowie Lam - Love Unsaid (EP)
       Chilam Cheung - Ten Clenching Fingers (Special Edition)
       Various - 2021 Hits of the Century (Man)
       Various - 2021 Hits of The Century (Woman)
       William So - Not Enough
       Anita Mui - Anita's Best 45
       Alex To - Best Love 2
       Emil Chow - The Light of Love
       Emil Chow - The World Starts From You and Me
       Emil Chow - Music With You
       Emil Chow - To Pay My True Love
       Jimmy Lam - Before Dawn
January 2001 Upload
  1. January 08 - Add more theme song to the RealAudio theme song section:   
       The Legendary Siblings - Tuyet Dai Song Kieu
       The Serpentine Romance - Ky Ao Nhan Gian The
       Witness To A Prosecution - Buc Man Bi Mat
       Incurable Traits (Mandarin) - Than Y Hoa Da
       Treasure Venture SUB (Cantonese)
       The Partner
       Once Upon a Time In Hong Kong
  2. January 19 - add 12 more Viet albums:
       Ha Vy - Ao Trang Go Cong
       Ha Vy - Duong Ve Hai Thon
       Ha Vy - Nhan Canh Chim Chieu
       Ha Vy - Tieng Long Ni Non

        Huy Vu - Mot Thuo Yeu Nguoi
       Ngoc Hue, Anh Tu - Noi Nho That Xa
       Phi Nhung - Chi Con Van Tho
       Phi Nhung - Doi Nga Chia Ly
       Phi Nhung - Giot Le Tinh
       Phi Nhung - Hon Vong Phu
       Phi Nhung, Khanh Hoang - Cay Dang Bo Moi

       Various Artists - Nho Ve Em
  3. January 29 - add 68 more Chinese album:
        Danny Summer - Danny Summer Live In Concert 2000
        Lui Fong - When Do You Love Me
        Andy Lau - The Days We Go Through Together
        Aaron Kwok - Warner The Best
        Aaron Kwok - Warner The Best 2
        Aaron Kwok - A Magic to City
        Aaron Kwok - Please Bring My Affection Home
        Aaron Kwok - The Most Exciting Empire
        Aaron Kwok - The Best Remix
        Aaron Kwok - Singing This Song
        Aaron Kwok - Code In The Wind
        Aaron Kwok - Crazy City
        Aaron Kwok - A Call For Love
        Aaron Kwok - Fearless vs. Future
        Aaron Kwok - Ask For More
        Aaron Kwok - Devoted
        Aaron Kwok - Best To Sing Mandarin 1998
       Aaron Kwok - Pure Legend
       Aaron Kwok - Memorandum
       Aaron Kwok - Music Of The Wind
       Aaron Kwok - Dream Can't Be Kept

        Sammi Cheng - Love is...
        Nicholas Tse - Viva Live Nicholas Tse Concert
        Nicholas Tse - Grateful For Your Love '99
        Soundtrack - China Strike Force Original Soundtrack
        Jimmy Lam - Scarecrow
       Andy Hui - Priority Hugs
      Kwong Wa - Loving the Ultimate
       Peter Ho - Every Time I Think of You
       Rene Lau - Full Bloom
       Valen Hsu - Hua Kai
      Soundtrack - And I Hate You So
      Healing Hands Original Sound Track
      Old Time Buddy TV Serics Original Sound Track
      The Legend Of Lady Yang Theme Song Sound Track
      My Date With A Vampire II
       Yennis Cheung - Secret Chamber
       Nicholas Tse - Applause Single
      Nicholas Tse - Horizons

        Edmond Leung - Sparkle
       Andy Lau - You are my Woman
       Andy Lau - Love Is So Wonderful
       Andy Lau - Missing Causes Hazard
       Andy Lau - The Dream That I'm Dreaming Of
       Andy Lau - If You Are My Legend
       Andy Lau - Loving Bird
       Andy Lau - Real Forever

       Alan Tam - Love Yourself

       Alan Tam - Goddess of Wind Lorelei
       Alan Tam - Root Of Love
       Alex To - 99' Lover Alex To
       Andy Lau - Endless Love
       Coco Lee - Woman In Love
       Coco Lee - Brave Enough To Love
       Coco Lee - Forever
       Coco Lee - Love From Now On

       Eddie Ng - Eddie Ng's Theme Song
       Faye Wong - Feel Free
       Soundtrack - Healing Hands II
       Helina Tam - The Worst Lover
       Jackie Chan - Super Movie Theme Songs
       Joey Yung - Likes Joey
      Leo Ku - The Clock That Forgets Time
       Leo Ku - Love And Dream Are Flying
       Leo Ku - New Pattern

       Sammi Cheng - The Best Remix
       Ting Fei Fei - Forgotten Moon
       Ting Fei Fei - Fei Fei
Decenber 2000 Upload
  1. Add movie section: (Screen Capture, Realaudio, Mp3, MTV RealVideo)
       2000 A.D
       A War Named Desire
       Conman In Tokyo
       Feel 100%
       Needing You
       Summer Holiday
  2. Some TVB and ATV realvideo up:
      Street Fighters - Chuyen Duong Pho
    Young Master of Shaolin - Phuong The Ngoc
    Duke of the Mount of Deer 2000 - Tieu Bao Va Khang Hy
    I Come From Guangzhou - Nguoi Hung Tu Quang Chau
    The Legend of Condor Lovers - Dai Ung Anh Hung Truyen
    Return of the Condor Heroes - Than Dieu Tai Xuat
    The Pride of Chaozhou - Trieu Chau Dai Han
    The Green Hope - Mau Xanh Hy Vong
       Screen Play - Song Gio Phim Truong
    A Taste Of Love - Huong Sac Tinh Yeu
    A Matter Of Customs - Luc Luong Hai Quan
    Incurable Traits - Than Y Hoa Da
      The Legendary Siblings - Tuyet Dai Song Kieu
       The Perfect Match - Duyen Tinh Tien Nu
       The Bride with White Hair - Bach Phat Ma Nu
       Master Swordsman Lu Xiao Feng - Luc Tieu Phung
       The Gang Buddy - Giang Ho Tieu Tu
       Master Ma (I) - Ma Vinh Trinh
  3. 32 more Chinese albums up
       Richie Ren - Tian Shi Xiong Di Xiao Bai Lia
        A-Mei Chang - Bu Gu Yi Qie
       Sandy Lam - 2001 Lia
       Stephen Fung - 4 Green Hopes
       Cecilia Cheung - Cecilia Cheung
       Andy Lau - New Song + Best Collection
       Ekin Cheng - Ekin's Thirteen
       Gigi Leung - Gigi "Kiss Me" New Songs + Best Collection
       Sammi Cheng - Ladies First
       Wong Kit - Hello World
       B2 - B2 Attack
       Chi Lam Cheung - Shi Zhi Jin Kou
       Kelly Chen - Big Day
       Candy Lo - Muse
       EEG Compilation Vol. 1
       Jacky Cheung - Touch Of Love 
       Andy Lau - Xin Lan
       Leon Lai - Leon Club Sandwish
       Samuel Tai - Zai Deng Yi Bai Nian
       Roman Tam - Shanghai, New York

    Soundtrack - Chinese Odssey (A Pandora's Box & A Cinderella)
    Soundtrack - The Moon On The Fifth Of October
       Lawrence Ng - Healing Hands II - Xia Ci Zai Lian Ai - Wu Hua   
       Jacky Cheung - You Qing Ge - Jacky Cheung 1995-2000 Shi Ji Qing Ge Jin Yuan
        Wong Kit - Hello
       Kwong Wa - Without You
       Various Artists - Emperor Compilation Ying Shi Zhu Ti Qu (Vol.1)
       Eric Moo - Gan Dong
       Gigi Leung - Hua Huo
       Jolin Choi - Show Your Love
       Julia Peng - Shuo Zhen De
       Siu Su - Innovation
  4. December 30 - 8 Viet album add:
       Various Artists - Tinh Mai Troi Xa
       Various Artists - Tinh Mai Mong Cho
       Various Artists - Tinh Mai Con Yeu
       Tu Linh, Nguyen Duc - Qua Roi Giac Mo
       Quang Linh - Ke Di Tim Mong
       Phuong Thanh - Tinh Phai
       Dan Truong - Mua Thu Duoi Mua
       Lam Truong - Dang Em Mot Bong Vai Gay
  5. December 29 - Add more theme song to the RealAudio theme song section:
       Reaching Out
       Crimson Sabre SUB [Mandarin]
       Crimson Sabre SUB [Cantonese]
       Healing Hands 2 SUB
       Duke of the Mount of Deer 2000 
       Master Swordsman Lu Xiao Feng (ATV) - Luc Tieu Phung
       The Return of Luk Siu Fung
       A Taste Of Love - Huong Sac Tinh Yeu
       Street Fighters - Chuyen Duong Pho
       A Matter Of Customs - Luc Luong Hai Quan
       Fate of the Last Empire - Thanh Cung Khi The Luc
       The Green Hope - Mau Xanh Hy Vong
       Young Master of Shaolin - Thieu Nien Phuong The Ngoc

November 2000 Upload
  1. Open nhac phim page of theme song collection in Viet.
  2. 20 Chinese albums up
       Various Artists - Universal And Selected Talents As By Examinations
       Sound Track - At The Threshold Of An Era 2
       Sammi Cheng - Fei Se Wu
       Daniel Chan - Bonne Nuit En Aurore
       Daniel Chan - Modern Age
       Nicholas Tse - Viva
       Andy Lau - Man's Love
       Edmond Leung - Parental Guidance 
       Nei Yan - Jenny Tseng 2000 Collection
       Aaron Kwok - Fascinating
       Andy Lau - The Best Of Andy Lau
       Eason Chan - 68'29'' New Songs & Best Collection
       Eason Chan - So Hot
       Hacken Lee - Think You Once More
       Louis Koo - Popular Louis   
       Miriam Yeung - 2ep Play It Loud, Kiss Me Soft
       Joey Yung - Who Love Me
       Joey Yung - Don't Miss
       Priscilla Chan -  24K Gold Priscilla Chan - Please Come Back
       Priscilla Chan - Best For You
  3. 9 Viet albums up
       Phi Nhung - 20 Nam Tinh Dep Mua Chom Chom
       Phi Nhung - Anh Hay Ve Di
       Phi Nhung - Co Le
       Phi Nhung - Trong Vang
       Phi Nhung, Thai Chau - Chan Dung Ky Niem
       Dan Truong - Kiep Ve Sau
       Dan Truong - Tim Dau Yeu Xua
       Lam Truong - Gia Tu The Ky 20
       Lam Truong, Thu Phuong - Kiep Ve Sau 2
October 2000 Upload
  1. 5 Album up:
    George Lam - Warner (I Love) Collection Series
    Jimmy Lam -  Go Around
    Dicky Cheung - AM (NOT:) Dicky
    Eric Suen - Eric Suen Greatest Hits
    Angela Pang - Day Woman
  2. October 27 - 3 realvideo up
       Return of the Cuckoo - Duong Ve Hanh Phuc
       Treasure Venture - Nu Hiep Nao Thien Quan   
       New Liang Shan Bo And Chu Ying Tai - T. LSB Chuc Anh Dai


September 2000 Upload
  1. 5 Chinese albums (Jacky Cheung and Nick Cheung)
  2. Follow Theme Song:
       Flora Chan, William So - Lost in Love
       The Legendary Four Aces (main & sub)
       At The Threshold Of An Era 2 (add 3 more sub song)
       Hero of the Times (from Taiwan or ATV)
       State of Divinity (ATV) (3 songs)
       War of the Genders
       Jacky Cheung - The Royal Monk (Thieu Lam Tieu Anh Hung)
       Jacky Cheung - Return of Royal Monk (Thieu Lam Tieu Anh Hung 2)
  3. 2 TVB realvideo:
    The Heaven Sword & The Dragon Sabre 2000 (Co Gai Do Long)
    Lost In Love (Tinh Yeu Muon Mau)
  4. 1 Chinese album (Nicky Wu - I Love Collectin Series)
  5. Actors gallery up.
August 2000 Upload
  1. Upload 2 album of Lui Fong
  2. RealVideo (Swordman 1) and image link
  3. 9 albums of Daniel Chan and 4 albums of Anita Mui
  4. Upload The Kung Fu Master realvideo. Wong Kit and Alec Su albums